The very first trade association dedicated to commercial kitchens of all-kinds.  The Commercial Kitchens Association also serves the following related formats:

  • Kitchen Incubators
  • Shared Kitchens
  • Food Innovation Centers
  • Commissaries
  • Culinary Kitchens
  • Food Labs
  • Food Incubators is an expansion site and services arm of the PGSA which will be solely discussing the needs of the contract manufacturer and their clients.

  • Co-Packers
  • Contract Manufacturers

The Packaged Goods Services Association has created a program specifically helping private label manufacturers find new retail and food service customers and more.

  • Private Label Manufacturers (all groups)

Our programming is dedicated to those consumer product companies who have their own facilities.  We help with a-number of subjects.

  • Private and Publicly Traded Manufacturers (all groups)