The Lemonaders Team advises clients on their creation needs that include the subjects of recipes, product formulations and shelf life testing.  The team has a full roster of resources who are experts in these subjects and more. The Lemonaders Team is involved with all of the industry trade events and trade associations relating to the suubject of food sciences.

Clients either arrive with a series of recipes (either beginning or finalized) or have a need for recipes to be created.  The Lemonaders Team has formulating partners who can create recipes that are ideal for the project but also appropriate with the manufacturing processes.  The Conzumables Team is involved with the industry’s core trade shows that relate to food sciences, ingredients, manufacturing equipment and processes.

Clients in a number of cases have their own recipes and formulations.  These cases also involve the need for final formulation reviews and tests (either done by a third party or by the contract manufacturer themselves).  If a client needs help with formulations we have internal partners who are experts (all with degrees in food sciences from well-known universities).

Shelf Life Testing

One of the most important discussions in the product creation stage relates   to the shelf life of the product.  Retail buyers demand a certain minimum of   shelf life for certain product types and categories.  Client brands can do shelf   life testing themselves by placing product in a room temperature   environment for a number of months (for shelf stable product) and observe   how the product lasts.  We out-source shelf life testing to labs who are able   to do speed testing as well.

Definition:  Shelf Life testing is a collection of analytical, chemical, microbiological and sensory testing. The objective of shelf life testing is to show how a product changes as it ages. Furthermore, provide information to help you set: use by/sell by/best by and expiration dates.