The Need for In-Store Marketing Materials:  Point-of-Sales / Coolers / Freezers / Racks / Fixtures / Shippers
Summary:  Depending on the types of products a food start-up has in their portfolio the need for in-store marketing and sales materials is very necessary to discuss.  Most products in a retail store location have the possible needs for point-of-sales materials, racks, fixtures and/or shippers.  These items maybe for long-term (or permanent placement) or are put into stores during key times of the year (holidays, seasons, etc).

Point-of-Sales Materials:  Point-of-Sales materials relate mostly to in-store signage of some form or another that is very close to consumer food products.  These can include shelf talkers, posters, shelf extenders, branded clip strip programs, wobblers, stoppers, price tags and banners.

Racks and Fixtures:  Some product categories dictate the need for temporary or permanent racks and fixtures for placement into stores.  A rack or fixture is usually made of metal (steel) but sometimes can be made in plastic, wood or other materials.   Examples of products common for racks/fixtures include breads, snacks, confections, seasonal products (especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas), beverage mixes, beverages (ex energy drinks), salsas, tortillas, baking products, local products and more.

Portable Coolers and Freezers:  The Lemonaders Team has over 30-years in creating and implementing portable cooler and freezer programs.  Coolers are primarily used for beverages but can also be important for refirgerated products (snacks, side-dishes, prepared meals, desserts and more).  Freezers are mostly common for ice cream brands (Nestle/Dreyers, Unilever, Blue Bunny mostly).  Portable freezers may also exist for other frozen categories such as pizza, frozen dinners, desserts, meats and more.

Shippers (including Countertop Units):  Product Shippers are very common and very important for the launch of new brands and for everyday brands in general.  A number of retail formats (supermarkets and convenience stores in general) do like using temporary product shippers.  Shippers are also very common for seasonal and holiday applications.  Product shippers are mostly common for snacks but a long-list of categories (ex birthday products, baking, beverages, spices, etc) use them as well.