Consumer Brands

Co-Packing Projects: The Lemonaders Team ( wants to work with contract manufacturers directly who need a ‘bridge team’ who can both recruit new co-packing project clients as well can be a process management team for new start-up and emerging brand clients.

New Co-Packing Clients
The Lemonaders Team has a number of mechanisms available when it relates to recruiting new co-packing projects. The team has websites, TV shows and visits over 50 trade shows annually.

Our Own Rosters: From its extensive reach into the industry the Lemonaders Team has a strong series of rosters of food brand groups (start-up, emerging and established). Since they also come from some of the largest food companies in the world they do have a strong reach to larger companies as well.
Trade Associations/Trade Shows: The team is involved with a number of industry trade shows (NACS, Fancy Food, Expo West/Expo East, NAMA, IDDBA, etc) which we look for new start-up and emerging brands for our internal incubation programs.
Incubators/Accelerators: The team is involved with a number of incubators and accelerators as an advisory group talking about the needs for creating and launching brands.
State Department of Agriculture Programs: The Lemonaders Team created its own State Proud ( site which is involved as an advisory group to State Departments of Agriculture (and their brand members).
Crowdfunding: The team are advisors to a number of crowdfunding sites which includes helping brands get into a co-packing relationship.
Websites: The team owns a number of industry sites (ex which helps clients on a number of subjects.
Commercial Kitchens Association: Lemonaders is a co-founder of the new Commercial Kitchens Association which is a direct link to helping new start-up brands evolve from a commercial kitchen into a co-packing relationship. The team’s is being created to being a resource educating manufacturers, co-packers and private label groups on the benefits of becoming members of the main co-packing / contract packaging association in America today, CPA (Contract Packaging Association –
TV Shows: The Lemonaders Team itself has a Television Production Group with a number of TV shows (ex, which are involved in industry subjects including food manufacturing.

Incubation Program
The Lemonaders Team has created an incubation program specifically for start-up brands through its own sites including The model includes a complete source for everything needed as well as access to funding resources throughout America.

Process Management Team
The Lemonaders Team acts as a ‘bridge team’ that helps introduce the steps needed for a successful relationship between a contract manufacturer and its new clients. Most contract manufacturers do not have the time to try and educate new clients (especially start-ups) so the Lemonaders Team takes over the process role.
They manage key subjects such as:

Contract Manufacturing Preliminaries

  • Co-Packing Negotiations
  • NDA
  • General Management
  • Ingredient Sourcing
  • Delivery of Sample Ingredients
  • Final Shelf Life Testing
  • Test Runs on Equipment
  • First Series of Samples
  • Product Revisions
  • Final Samples for the Trade

Product Formulations

  • Recipe(s) Delivery
  • Recipe(s) Review
  • Recipe(s) Testing
  • Formulations (Match with Facility)
  • Ingredient Review
  • Ingredient Sourcing
  • Revisions
  • Samples Delivered
  • Shelf Life Testing
  • Product Taste Tests
  • Nutrition Panels
  • Product Ready for Next Phases

Film and Packaging

  • Packaging Partner Search
  • Film Preparation Search
  • Packaging (Film)
  • Packaging (Caddies)
  • Packaging (Master Cases)
  • Packaging Design Merge
  • UPC Code Prep and Sourcing
  • Film Plates and Proofs
  • Packaging Production
  • Film Production

Branding Solutions

  • Branding Concepts
  • Logos
  • Customer Research
  • Customer Profiling
  • Social Media Plans
  • Website Efforts
  • Package Design
  • Trademarks