Contract Manufacturer Programs

For over 30-years the Co-Packing Network founders (Lemonaders) themselves have been involved with both the private label and contract manufacturing industries. They understand what is needed to be successful in both subjects since they themselves have been in those roles with other companies (for many years).
Co-Packing Projects: Lemonaders ( wants to work with contract manufacturers directly who need a bridge team who can handle the questions and relationship building that new start-up brands need. Most contract manufacturers prefer to work with veteran companies in general.
Private Label Projects: The Co-Packing Network can be involved in expanding a contract manufacturers private label customer base. They have a complete sales team structure that work with retailers nationwide.

Contract Manufacturers Creating Their Own Brands: Lemonaders
has a long history of working with contract manufacturers in helping create their own brands. One of their success stories is being a co-founder in the creation of Nature’s Bakery ( which is worth over $300 million today.

Private Label
Consumer Brands