The Cooperative:  We have created a line-up of healthy snack, food and beverage products coming from a wide variety of manufacturers. These brands are distributed to our food service and retailer customers through our partnering distributors.

Sister Sites

Sister Sites is apart of a series of format specific B2B sites that are being created. These other sites will talk about the same healthy brands as offerings within those specific formats (channels).

Hospitals ( One of the most important sites for us with specific efforts towards the hospital cafeteria.

Universities ( Another very important site relating to the university cafeteria. We have another sister site specific for university bookstores and c-stores.

Office and Commercial ( Specific to the cafeteria operator of an office, factory or related business.

Convenience Stores ( C-Stores are very important for us with a broad mix of food, beverage and food service offerings.

Hotel Pantries ( Ideal for pantries seen in hotel chains and independents nationwide.

Breakfast Areas ( Ideal for breakfast areas seen in hotel chains and independents nationwide.

Schools: K-12 ( For school districts and private schools.

Nutrition Stores ( Dedicated brand solutions for natural grocers and nutrition stores.

Coffee Shops ( A dedicated site specific for products ideal for the coffee shop (independents and chains)

Deli Shops ( Specifically for healthy beverages and snacks that complement the regular menu options a deli provides for its customers.

Smoothie Shops ( Another strong area for grab and go options and food service efforts.

Yogurt Shops ( Providing healthy beverages and snacks that a yogurt shop may want to add to its portfolio of offerings.

We have created a health snack program (with racks – behind the counter or in front of the counter) for yogurt shops.